Research On "The Speed Of Light"

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Research On "The Speed Of Light"

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The booklet presents the Ayaat from the Quran which hints to the existence of Galaxies, Timeframes and Universe or Universes for example Allah links the cosmic day and our ordinary sidereal one thousand year. This is a scientific precedence for the Qur'an and it wouldn't be a coincidence.
In fact the Qur'an contain many hidden signs which were Unintelligible in the previous years but at the suitable time it can be explained and became clear to understand these miracles and to be an evidence that the message of Islam is sincere.
The Ayaat points to other types of energy with speed exceeding light and this energy can either be from our solar system or from another system in the universe or universes (As Allah says “Lord of the Universes”) and also to the existence of various timeframes.
With the discovery of black matter and energy perhaps the scientists will one day discover another energy faster than light? Or in another galaxy if Allah wishes.
Already Allah gave us tools an it's our duty to continue our researches.

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