Cuckold Counselor: Session 1

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Cuckold Counselor: Session 1

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An oblivious husband, an unsatisfied wife, and a *very* unusual treatment method...

I had no clue my wife, Tanya, was unhappy until she forced me to attend couple’s therapy. In the span of an hour with the handsome Army-surgeon-turned-psychologist Dr. Greg, I went from blissfully out of touch, to desperate to save my marriage. By the time Dr. Greg suggested that the best way to save my failing marriage was for Tanya to have sex with him (for therapeutic purposes, of course), I was willing to agree to anything. Even playing the part of a voyeur as I was being cuckolded.
I said I would do anything to save my marriage, but my sub-conscience may not be so sure. Will the treatment work? Will I accept my new role as a cuckold or will I stand up to the good doctor?
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Dr. Greg, our couples therapist, stared directly into my eyes and said, “Your wife needs to screw someone else, Ricky.”
I stared at him in surprise and anger, my face burning red. He continued to stare at me, not blinking. My mind whirling, I began to protest.
“Excuse me?!” I sputtered. “Did you just say what I think you said?”
He nodded with quiet assurance.
“Now, think about it, Ricky. She’s a highly attractive woman who could have any man she wanted,” Dr. Greg spoke slowly, condescendingly. My eyes dropped submissively; I was unable to keep eye contact with him. Why couldn’t I shake this feeling that he was superior to me in every way? “She could go to any bar right now and come back with any man she wanted. She doesn’t even have to go to a bar, though - she could literally walk out to the waiting room and do that. Do you want that?”
I shook my head as I continued to stare at the floor.
“I didn’t think so,” the doctor continued. “What you want is a professional who knows what he’s doing with a woman, especially a woman who is in desperate need of some serious sex, like your wife is.”

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