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Forever Reasons (10,000 Reasons Book 4)

154 pages2 hours


Book 4 in the 10,000 Reasons Serial

Will Xander and Jenna make it? After the major surprise in book 3, Xander's Reasons / Jenna's Reasons, our hero and heroine struggle to maintain a cordial relationship.

Once again, Xander wants what Jenna refuses to give - complete commitment.
However, this time, Jenna doesn't want what Xander desperately desires to give - absolute love.

It wouldn't be a D.W. Cee book if there wasn't a happily ever after. The way Xander and Jenna find it will surprise you.

This is the end of the four-part, 10,000 Reasons, serial. Thank you for joining us in this wonderfully topsy-turvy ride.

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