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Cuckold Counselor: Session 3

Length: 37 pages25 minutes


The treatment continues...

It is Day Three of Dr. Greg’s experimental treatment that is supposed to save my marriage to Tanya. So far, I’m not sure I like where this treatment has taken us. My wife has enjoyed every minute of it but why wouldn’t she? Tall, strong, handsome, and hung, Dr. Greg has spent the last two days showing Tanya how mind-blowing sex can really be. At the same time, I’ve been degraded and humiliated. I’ve been made to watch every second of Dr. Greg’s “treatment.” Even though I have resisted so far, with each passing moment, I’m starting to understand.
Can I finally accept my place as a cuckolded husband or will I rebel and walk away?
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Another assistant brought the usual stack of clinical clothing over to my wife. Tanya, as she had the day before, stripped out of her clothes without going behind the changing screen.
Yesterday, in full view of every one of Dr. Greg’s nurses and assistants, my wife had stripped out of her clothes, revealing that she was wearing the white lace thong she had worn on our wedding day. She did not explain what significance those panties had for our relationship to anyone else, but I knew.
Today, she was not wearing underwear at all.

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