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Just Like The Movies

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I grew up in sunny San Diego, CA. Of course, part of growing up was going to school. While I was going to school, I discovered three things that would each have major impacts on my life.
The first thing that I discovered was that I was unusually physically strong. The strength thing led me to become a champion high school wrestler. My high school wrestling championships led me to a full ride scholarship to a small mid-western college that had a top notch college wrestling team. The free college education then allowed me to earn the diploma that I had to have, for the kind of job that I wanted for my career.
The second thing that I discovered was that I was very good at math and science type of things. The skills that I learned in some of my high school and college classes were later to provide me with a sequence of good paying jobs.
The third thing that I discovered was a girl named Alice Wimble. Alice was good at some things, but she wasn't good at math. I got hired to tutor Alice Wimble in math, or else I never would have met Alice. Alice was easily the prettiest girl in each of the schools we attended together. As I said, Alice wasn't interested in math, or science either, for that matter. What Alice was interested in was acting. Perhaps you know Alice better as Janice Rey, the movie star? I wasn't particularly handsome, rich or a major sports star, so there was no way I dated Alice, back in high school.
I graduated from high school and then went off to college in the mid-west and I probably never would have seen Alice/Janice again. However, some unlikely things happened.
By the time I graduated from high school, I could keep my weight below 197 pounds only with great difficulty and strict diet. The top two college wresting weight classes have upper limits of 197 pounds and 285 pounds. In order to win at wrestling, I needed to stay at or below 197 pounds in weight.
My first year in college, I dominated the conference 197 pound class and went to the national college wrestling championships. I didn't win, but I did take fifth place. I also ran into, you guessed it, Janice Rey, the movie star who was there to glamor up the event and also advance her acting career, with the publicity. Janice remembered Jim, from high school, and we had a 'coffee date.'
My second year in college, I again dominated the conference 197 pound weight class and went to the national college wrestling championships. I again didn't win, but I did take third place. I again ran into, you guessed it, Janice Rey, the movie star. Janice was back, because she had starred in a movie that had something to do with wrestling and she was promoting the movie. Janice still remembered me and we had another 'coffee date.'
My third year in college, disaster struck. I again dominated my conference in my weight class. Unfortunately, I could no longer keep my weight under 197 pounds class and I had to wrestle in the 285 pound limit class. Once I got off the starvation diet, I weighed 220 pounds of lean, strong muscle, but there was no way I beat other, very strong wrestlers who outweighed me by some 65 pounds. I did get a call from Janice Rey during my third year in college. She was making another movie with a wrestling theme. Since I knew Janice, I got to appear in the movie (bit part only) and also to coach the male stars who were impersonating wrestlers. The money that I earned was very good and I got credit for some college classes, due to my appearance in the movie.
I had been taking some extra college classes and I also worked every scam I could think of. During the summer after my third year in college, I had credit for enough college classes to graduate.
Hell, I moved back to San Diego and, with my shiny new college degree, I got a job as a computer programmer. I quickly proved to be good at computer programming and I was making good money.

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