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“Persistent” is a collection of poems from mystery writer Jean Sheldon who sees all of life as a mystery. This book reflects that view. "Scribbled notes from daily life have filled my pockets and backpacks since childhood, but recent events have nudged me to examine both life and my words. In these poems I have found a measure of peace, and it is a peace hope to share.”

"In "Persistent," accomplished mystery writer Jean Sheldon turns her considerable talents to the poetic form, condensing personal experience into the exquisite expression of thought, emotion and revelatory moment...No doubt her journey, one of open-minded and compassionate possibility, will inspire you to consider your own." —Laurence Overmire, poet and author of "The One Idea That Saves The World: A Call to Conscience and A Call to Action."

"Reading the poems in Jean Sheldon's new book, "Persistent," is rewarding and inspiring. While deeply personal, each poem seemed to reach me as if she had written it just for me. I read the book from start to finish, but am now enjoying just picking a poem and letting it sink in for a meditation that leads to my own thoughts, memories and reflections. But don't think for a minute that "Persistent" is not filled with Sheldon's humor, earthiness, her keen eye and way with words. All have come together to make a window into this life we live, our own place in it, our eventual leaving of it and the strength that a self-examined persistence brings us all." — Nancy McDonald, Indelible Mark Publishing

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