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Night Sounds

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In the early 60's, five friends sharing a house in college routinely pledged their friendship to one another "as long as the grasses grow and the rivers flow"--Jessica, sensitive artist; Claire, ten years older than the rest, a potter with a son; Mollie, in college to find a husband; Samantha, serious student with a non-academic, cowboy boyfriend; and Michael, the Native American artist in law school, self-proclaimed protector of the group.

Ten years later, they reunite for Jessica's wedding. After the celebration, sharing personal news around the campfire, the three remaining women discover that they're all in transition due to challenging life circumstances. They agree to share a house again, a safe house, where they can re-build their lives. But when danger comes along, each woman struggles with keeping that friendship pledge.

Adding to the complex life-dance the five friends share is the wild card of a "lost family relation" dedicated to destroying the very woman seeking support from her friends. Raped, beaten, rejected, and framed, Samantha Jensen, professor of psychology, must find a way to survive this tangled web of extraordinary events threatening her at every turn, ultimately raising the questions each of us must face: What is the purpose of life? What is the price of living?

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