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Leading God’s People: The Example of Moses

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The messages in this book were shared during two leadership courses in the city of Yaounde in the years 1979 and 1980. They are produced here just as they were prepared for those meetings. There was no thought in our minds then that they would ever go into print. God has however confirmed many of the things that he led us to share with his people then and we feel led to put them into book form and share them with as many of His children as He will allow us to.
God calls into spiritual leadership all who make spiritual progress. all believers are called to be spiritual leaders. Some will lead one person, others will lead ten people and others will lead one thousand people and so forth. You are a spiritual leader! Someone is looking on you to lead him to Christ or to lead him along the christian way. You must become and continue to be the leader that God meant you to be.
God has called you to lead one, two, ten, one hundred, one thousand or more people. He has called you to lead them out of the captivity of sin and self into the fullness of the obedient and sanctified life. In order to accomplish your job, you must be rightly related to Him. Spiritual leadership is conditioned on a profond and intimate knowledge of God. The spiritual leader is a man hungry for God, a seeker after God. Without a deep and intimate knowledge of God, any leadership that is exercised is merely natural based on natural talent and this can never satisfy the heart of God.
leadership is conditioner in a life sacrificed, wasted and sold out for others. Without this, a man may just be a seeker after God. With this, the seeker after God becomes, in addition, a seeker of men and that is spiritual leadership.
God gives limitless authority to those whom He puts into leadership. He backs them without reservation and judges them with greatest severity. Divine privileges carry with them great responsibilities. All who are called by God into leadership must walk carefully before Him or be disqualified.
Victory is possible for the obedient leader. Be one such.
These messages are sent out with prayer that the Lord will use them to reach out to the needs of some in the Body of His son; they are sent out with prayer that the Lord will use them to encourage those who are called to leadership in the Bride of His son.

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