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Operator: A High Tech Sci-Fi Thriller

56 pages48 minutes


The world is in transition. Fantastic new technologies are changing everything, even challenging what it means to be alive or to be human. People flock to places like New Town, a brand new city district packed with luxuries and amenities, full of conveniences, exciting new technologies and gadgets. But not everyone is happy to go along with the rapid changes these technologies bring. What most people don't know is that they are being monitored, and that all that information is collected and analyzed. Henry Tucker, a young man fresh out of the army, has come to realize that there is a very sinister force behind the technological surge that's changing the world. He has come to believe that a secretive group known only as "VIGIL" is out to conquer the world, right under everyone's noses. But as he comes closer and closer to unveiling the conspiracy, the truth begins to take a disturbing shape. As he struggles to evade one of VIGIL's agents, a woman named Priscilla Robin, he must confront shocking notions about the conspiracy, the world and his role in it all.

A gripping sci-fi technothriller set in a cyberpunk-y world, a would-be vigilante and the mysterious agent of an alleged shadow government, all in a short novella.

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