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Heart Ward: An Inner Origins Companion

107 pages2 hours


I’d never felt anything like it before, not once among a thousand touches from other Light fae, and I knew it in an instant for what it was.
A myth. A fairy tale.
The surge.
A connection between two people that went beyond love, beyond duty. A complete connection of bodies, minds, spirits. At least, that’s what people said. Most people didn’t believe in it. I certainly never had.
I didn’t.
Heart Ward, the Inner Origins companion novella, is a short and steamy leap deep into the mind and heart of Alec Ward. In this exciting retelling of the love story between Alec and Siri, you’ll get to see what he was doing before they met, and experience firsthand his inner struggle to let himself love again.
This book is best read after Books 2 or 3 in the Inner Origins series (after Fates of Midgard or Gifts of Elysielle).

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