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Salvage Yard of Souls "Justice Prevails?"

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Her unrelenting quest for justice in a corrupt system paves the road to Toni’s destruction. This is based on a true story of the injustices endured by a naïve jailer who subconsciously seeks resolve for crimes committed against her and her daughter in the early part of a bad marriage.

With a set distinction of right and wrong, and a stubborn will to never defer, Toni finds herself trying to police the police. After a decade of working at the sheriff’s department, Toni has recorded a plethora of wrongs by law-enforcement agents and the services for children. Because she knows too much, the sheriff and some of his followers diligently seek her fall.

What they do not know is that Toni has kept an ongoing journal since her teenage years. She carried a voice activated, mini-cassette tape recorder with her from the day she was interviewed for the job at the sheriff’s department.

Toni is harassed, arrested, and almost destroyed, but her attorney assures her that the journal is proof enough of the corruption, and evidence enough to win her case against the sheriff.

When the attorney turns on Toni, she is left with a decision to make. Physically and emotionally exhausted from the battle, defeated by politics, and spiritually wounded, will she seek justice on her own terms or will she allow God to have His vengeance? Her strong belief in God and her search for the right path has played an important part in her life so far. Forgiveness is essential, but so is justice. Is there a way to obtain both in the salvage yard of souls?

... Justice prevails?

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