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Making an Impact: Men of the Ice, #6

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Casey Denault is a fast-rising NHL star, with the ego, bank account and flashy lifestyle to back up that status. In his three years in the league, Casey’s honed his reputation as notorious playboy and doesn’t apologize for it. Nor does he plan on changing anytime soon, in spite of warnings from teammates that his womanizing ways will someday catch up to him. After all, if you can’t live it up as a twenty-four year old millionaire, when can you?

Charlene Simmons was burned by love at an early age, and since spent the last decade-and-a-half trying to improve the lives of others through her charitable works. Now she’s working her dream job as the executive director of the San Antonio Generals Charity Foundation, but her personal life remains a giant void. When the occation of her fortieth birthday leaves Char feeling lonely and depressed, Casey steps in to cheer her up.

Will a chance one-night encounter leave a lasting impact on both of them, or are they better off forgetting it ever happened?

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