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Does My Course Look Fat? 5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Online Course

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When you ask someone whether you look fat, the answer inevitably depends on your relationship with them. An acquaintance won’t invest much in their answer, and a retail assistant will want you to make a purchase, but a good friend always tells the truth.

This book is your new best friend. You hold in your hands a straightforward, honest guide to building a better course. LaTasha Hussey dishes the skinny on overweight online courses with five easy to implement steps, and she does so with wildly entertaining wit and your well-being in mind.

Learn the five C’s
1. Choose Wisely
2. Chunk It
3. Check It
4. Change It
5. Cheat

No difficult to digest or exotic ingredients. Every tip is designed for beginners and is surprisingly useful for the online course connoisseur. No complicated or overly pretentious directions. When it comes to instruction, this guide leads by example. It’s a funny, functional, feasible cookbook for the ultimate online course, with a healthy helping of "Do This, Not That."

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