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Chasing Robins

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Jackson Cain wanted to be a writer and a traveller, but he knew that it wasn’t in his parents plan for him. A winter break unlike any they’d ever had before puts all of Jackson’s lies out in the open and sends him on a whirlwind ride back to college with his childhood best friend Colton by his side. But Life’s never-ending barrage of speed bumps halts that journey in its tracks, as Jackson loses his best friend and eventually his ambition to pursue his dreams along the way. Finding his way into a teaching job in rural Florida wasn’t the ideal backup plan but it was the only option he had.

Life can be pretty hopeless when you aren’t content with what you do. Jackson’s life is continuing to disintegrate, as his future as an educator is waning due to constant criticism from his superiors, he’s become aware of his closest friend having inappropriate relationships with students, and his girlfriend of the last year has left him high and dry for days without the decency to let him know why. Despite an onslaught of bumps and constant hurdles preventing a smooth path through life, Jackson gradually rediscovers that spark inside him to chase his dreams; to leave the past behind him and move instead toward the elusive horizon.

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