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Cuckold Experiment: Part 1

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An accident on the way home that changed everything...

My wife and I have always played sex games in the bedroom where we pretended that I was the cuckold in the corner, but one night, my wife’s car broke down on the way home and our fantasy became all too real.
Will I be okay with the changes sweeping over my marriage? Will I allow my wife to experiment with the lifestyle she’s always wanted? Or will I even have a choice...
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Everyone remembers that moment when their life changes forever. What is funny is that I remember the fifteen minutes before my life changed just as clearly.
I was planted on the porcelain throne at ten at night, just sitting there and letting out a limp stream of piss down into the bowl while I idly wondered why Marie wasn’t home yet. I couldn’t think of a single reason my wife would still be at work so late on a Wednesday evening without telling me.
“Maybe she’s screwing her boss,” I mused to myself. Maybe...
No, she wasn’t that kind of lady. A gorgeous brunette, tall, lithe, buxom, and still very, very firm at forty, she’s the kind of woman every man stares at - but never gets any sort of acknowledgment, let alone reciprocation, for that fleeting lust.
Sixteen years of marriage and I’m pretty sure that literally every man pictures her naked as they see her walk down the street. Why she’s stuck with me for sixteen years is beyond me...

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