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Indonesia Stock Market For Beginners: bagaimana berinvestasi di pasar saham

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Stock market is where millions are made and lost everyday. You would have heard wonder stories about people make huge amounts of money on the Jakarta Stock Exchange but what you would have not heard is the fact that people also lose money. So, it is better to be slow and patient as a beginner when you start investing in the stock market. Understand the stock market and make sure that your fundamentals are right and gradually you will be able to make money.

The topics are I cover in this book are :
What are Stock exchanges ? Jakarta Stock Exchange
What are the Stock Indices? like LQ45 or Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan or even the JII
Difference between Saving and Investing
How and where to buy shares?
What are ETF's?

Happy investing ! perdagangan saham bahagia !

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