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The Grim Arcana



The city of Arcana sits on the edge... of this world and the next... of magic and physics... of everything you wish for and everything you fear.

It is a wonderful place, full of sorcerers, magical creatures and even the occasional god.

It is a terrible place, full of sorcerers, magical creatures and even the occasional god.

Everything that has ever terrified anyone from under a bed or the creepy house at the end of the street or their own nightmares has passed through Arcana before coming into the world.

It is ruled by the Arcanas, major and minor, powerful beings who keep the peace between dark and light. Neither good nor evil they watch over the city that bears their name enforcing the Law of Balance with swift, often brutal, hands. Or talons.
But, lately, the Arcanas have been slipping.

The Balance isn't being protected as it should. Demons not only walk the Earth they sit next to you at the diner, licking your soul.
It's bad; Book of Revelations bad. Mayan Calendar bad. Necronomicon bad.

The Balance is shifting.

Someone has to keep the Balance if the Arcanas won't.

Someone has to protect this world from the things of the Other.
That someone is Grim.

He and his friends- Dex... the tough guy, Flora.. the witch, Sherman... the thief, Belladona... the huntress and Mr. Sun... the merchant- place themselves in the breach, holding back the dark things and the bright things before they can get into the world.

The Grim Arcana tells their stories. Find out who lives, who dies and who (or what) the hell Grim is anyway in these stories set in a world that is enough like ours to be familiar but different enough to steal your soul.

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