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The Carpentry of Dog Keeping on the Farm - Containing Information on Kennel Construction

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This volume contains a detailed guide to designing and constructing dog kennels. Complete with simple, step-by-step instructions, helpful information on design, information on materials and tools, and much more besides, this text constitutes a complete tutorial on kennel construction. It will be of much value to anyone interested in such an endeavour. Although old, the information contained herein is timeless, making this a great woodworking resource, and a perfect addition to collections of such literature. The chapters of this book include: 'Construction of Kennel: The Sides'; 'The Floor of the Kennel'; 'Back and Front'; 'Connection of Parts'; 'The Roof'; 'How to Finish a Kennel'; 'Composite Kennel for Three Dogs'; 'General Dimensions of Triple Kennel'; 'Framing on which to construct Kennel'; etcetera. We are proud to be republishing this antiquarian text now complete with a new introduction on woodworking.

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