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Skinwalker Tale



The moment I cross the threshold I felt my heart burst to life. It was like suddenly having a film removed from my eyes and the world lit up with colour. I looked around room in wonder at how absolutely beautiful the world suddenly looked.
Then I smelled lilacs and vanilla. I automatically tilted my head and my eyes in the direction of the scent. That’s when I saw him. The most attractive male I’d ever seen in my life. Now, I always new I was bisexual, but in that moment I wondered how I’d ever settled for a female. My eyes locked onto his magnificent obsidian eyes and I never wanted to let go. He had creamy tanned looking skin and dark brown hair which was pulled loosely off his face into a pony tale. If I was guessing I would think his Incan blood was mixed with eastern European.
I saw his eye dart side to side and knew that he was getting ready to take off. I watched as the table he’d been sitting at flew abruptly into the air and he moved towards the exit. I too started to follow his movements with the intention of stopping him from leaving. I needed to know who he was. I needed to understand why my life essence thought he was my eternal heart.

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