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Eoin Doherty and The Fixers

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“Chance, choice, change. Life is played out in that space. Start with any one of these words, and you bring in the other two.”
TV producer, Eoin Doherty, returns to Dublin from London in the early 2000s with his career in freefall. He has one opportunity to salvage his career: to sell his idea for a prime-time reality TV show to an unsuspecting nation.
A chance encounter with showbiz psychologist Maggie Vernon leads to her becoming the co-creator of his show and, soon, his lover.
In Eoin’s eyes, The Fixers is ‘just a little women makeover thing’ - four troubled Irish women being coached on TV to emerge into a new personal and financial independence - but it’s a new direction for Irish television, and one that he hopes will open the door into the groundbreaking TV work he really wants to do.
Maggie also has a professional and personal interest in human reinvention and renewal, but to her, The Fixers becomes a chance not just to dig up the past of the show’s participants, but her own, and ultimately for her to take a very public revenge.
A journey into the culture of instant celebrity, Eoin Doherty and The Fixers explores the limits of human reinvention and the inescapable shadows of our past.

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