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White House Rhapsody Book One

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From the popular romantic serial fiction blog - a story to two people desperately trying not to fall in love with each other. He's the newly inaugurated president of the United States. She's one of his top aides. Both Mark Jerguessen and Sharon Wheatly have many good reasons why they do not want to fall in love with each other. Mark is a little busy running the country, and he has some secrets from his tragic past that could put Sharon in danger. Sharon has already had her time in the public eye and wants nothing more to do with it.
The problem is, she comes from a high-powered, extremely talented family. Her older brother Michael is a rock star. Her younger sisters all excel in their fields. Sharon is pretty talented, herself, speaking ten different languages fluently and skilled in working with governments. She loves high-powered guys.
But it's not a good time, never mind that Mark's sister and Sharon's colleagues are all conspiring to get the couple together.

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