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Curing Yourself with Silver and Salt: How the Lack of Salt in Our Diets Is Promoting Bad Health: Know More about the Curative Properties of Silver

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Table of Contents

Why Is Pure Sea Salt Necessary for Us?
Rock Salt Benefits
Gout and Arthritis Pain
Swelling of the Body
When Are You Not Going to Use Salt
Salt for Skin Diseases
Curing with Silver
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I was just going through a number of my books, telling all about ancient natural cures, and was surprised to see that a number of these ancient remedies used lots of minerals, especially precious material like gold, silver, powdered pearls, and other natural ingredients/elements, including that most precious of seasonings and spices – salt.

This book is going to tell you a lot of interesting information on how since ancient times people have been using silver and salt, in order to cure a large number of diseases, prevent infections, and keep your body healthy.

The first thing you are going to ask me is you believe in your own 21st-century modern medical system, in which you have confidence and how sure am I that you are going to become healthy just by getting some knowledge about alternative and traditional medical systems, going back to ancient times?

Well, the answer is that it has been a well-known and well-documented fact that traditional and alternative medical systems have been proven down the ages to cure all of the common diseases and ailments, and these remedies have been passed down from generation to generation. And that is how mankind has survived. People have the experience, knowledge, and the capacity to heal and cure you. On the other hand, doctors professing modern medicine – known as allopathic treatments are not very interested in curing you.

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