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Kundalini Consciousness, Attainment As It Is

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I asked (from inside the Root State of being-consciousness-bliss), why I had ever bothered to leave, to plunge into an infinite and successive array of personal representations involving so much pain. The apparent answer was profound in its simplicity. “I did it to see if I could return”. Thus consciousness moved from its stable equipoise to “catastrophically abandon ship” and woke-up in the world of name-and-form. Upon reflection, I concluded that The Self of All neither knows nor recognizes the ego-self as such. Furthermore the Self of All only knows of its extent in the return of the ego-self to Self. This is the fundamental movement by which The Profound continuously and continually absorbs experience, expanding Divine Emptiness with Absolute Purity. Together with the idea of Creation, along with the false character of self, the unique and unknowable nature of Identity constitutes the very source of consciousness and this is a lesson of self-realization.

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