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God’s Law of Love: For Those Who Want To Know Why God’s Law of Love Is Important.

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The Purpose of This Book:
It is our desire for this book to teach you God’s Law of Love from the Bible. It will show you, that to please Him, that you should willingly give Him your heart, and love Him with all of your heart, and all of your mind, and all of your soul, and love your neighbor as yourself, for God is love, 1 John 4:8. And in the keeping of God’s law of love, there is great reward! Psalms 19:7-11.

Every day many people are making their decision against God, without ever knowing how wonderful He is, or how wonderful their life would be if they gave their heart completely to Him. We sincerely believe that if more people could understand the blessings God wants to give them, there would be more people accepting the invitation He is offering, and give Him their heart, so that they would want to, and would be able to keep His Law of Love, and find true love. There is so much ignorance, lies and half-truths about God that are causing many to ignore or leave Him out of their lives forever, or to live a half-way, lukewarm Christian or religious existence, when they might have the very happiness and joy they have been searching for their entire life, and don’t know how to get. No one can be happy, if they do not love the Lord their God, with all of their heart, and all of their mind, and all of their soul, and love their neighbor as themselves. God doesn’t compel anyone, but in this book we will lay out the reasons why God’s 10 Commandment Law of Love are still binding on Christians, and have not been done away with. And if we truly love God, that we would want to obey Him, and keep His commandments, for His commandments are not burdensome to those who love Him. “For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments; and His commandments are not burdensome.” 1 John 5:3 NASB.

What is holding you back from having all of the love and joy that you were meant to have, which comes from obedience to God, given by a heart that is totally given to Him? Acts 5:32 says that the Holy Spirit is given to all that obey God. Do you want to obey God in everything that He has said in His Holy Bible? There is a sweet joy in submitting yourself completely to God, that those who quibble over what the Bible says, because they don’t want to do it, will never know, unless they have a change made in their heart, and want to obey Him. When you desire to obey God all the way, because you love Him, you will be given the Holy Spirit in full, and your life will never be the same again, then you will finally know true love; this is the love that makes life worth living, living for eternity! If you believe that God is leading you this way, read this book! God loves you and wants you to be filled with His peace, love, joy and faith, and live forever with Him in Heaven. Will you not respond to His call of love to your heart in the affirmative, and give your heart completely to Him now, and enjoy His loving presence in your heart today and forever? You will never regret it, we promise you! God loves you, and will take care of you, and save you, if you will let Him! Amen.

It is our prayer, dear reader, that you will have great joy in obeying your God, whom you love, because He loves you and will help you keep His Law of Love, if you desire. And that you would be filled with the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is given to all them that obey God. Acts 5:32. Amen!

This book has been edited in such a way as to make it work as best as possible for audio readers in the eBook versions, to be able to listen to it being read.

This book was simplified and streamlined and further edited and finished republishing on 07-11-2018 to make it a better book. If you bought this book prior to 07-11-2018 you can email me for a free copy of The Love of God Part 2. Please see my Website for the Email address.

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