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My memoir describes my struggles with beingoverweight. I describe my encounters through thesesituations with my words of sarcasm all the whilestaying true to myself. How can we as a society focuson the person behind the weight? With the problemsthat surround us on a daily basis, how can we developnew ways of thinking and speaking, so that our futuregenerations are not offended and labeled because oftheir size? I am happily married, a dedicated teacherand I am FAT. I provide suggestions on why we as asociety should stop obsessing about weight.Everyone has problems some choose to holdthem in, shrug them off, act out aggressively, talk tofriends/family members and many may even seekprofessional help. I choose to share mine with theworld. My problem is not as serious as other issuesfacing our world, even though it is constantly beingdiscussed in homes, on recess yards, in lunchrooms,at social gatherings, and in the media. Seemsrather serious right, why does my problem of beingoverweight have to be society’s problem? Why can’twe all just stop obsessing about weight?
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