Vietnam Backpacker Photo Journey #1: Wandering Hanoi

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Vietnam Backpacker Photo Journey #1: Wandering Hanoi

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Length: 51 pages


Are you looking to follow your heart's curiosity and discover a new path? This book will inspire your wanderlust to take an amazing adventure across Southeast Asia as a Vietnam Backpacker!

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam or just daydreaming of the adventure, this book will give you an insight into what 'real' backpacking is all about -- chasing the dream, accepting new cultures, eating strange food, jaw-dropping scenery, philosophical insights, and being comfortably lost! Lighting your path, Vietnam Backpacker takes you hand-in-hand with an experienced traveler to visit exotic locations across Vietnam.

In this first volume, we will be flying into the capital city of Hanoi to explore the historical Old Quarter, which seamlessly mingles the new and old. It has everything imaginable, from knock-off North Face gear and gourmet coffee shops to hundreds of temples and legendary talking turtles. We will navigate twisting streets through chaotic scooter traffic to discover exciting markets filled with bizarre goods, sample some of the local food delicacies, and laugh with the locals.

Text exert from page 44-46:
"Deep in the Old Quarter is an open-air market that was just bursting with colorful goods. Wow, what an amazing selection of fresh vegetables—if only I had a kitchen to cook in. I forgot the name for these wickedly odd vegetables, but they look like they might eat you." Throughout the Photo Journey series, all of these amazing sights are presented in full-color photography to place you in the hiking boots of the author, and will leaving you wanting more.

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Customer reviewer wrote:
"Makes me want to go on a journey today! I really enjoyed this eBook. The photos are gorgeous and the text is lively--you feel as if the author is taking you along on his journey! He makes the city and the sites seem accessible, and his enthusiasm and enjoyment is contagious. I have definitely added a visit to Vietnam, and to Hanoi, to my bucket list."

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