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Beside the Music
Beside the Music
Beside the Music
Ebook342 pages6 hours

Beside the Music

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

What would happen if a washed up 80s rock band moved in to your house? It happens to Brenda and Tim Dunkirk in Beside the Music. 

Brenda's life is going nowhere fast. With her promotion at work out of reach and her husband putting off starting a family to run for office, she can't help but look back to her glory days. When nostalgia encourages her to write a fan letter to the bass player of her favorite 80s band, Hydra, she never expected an invitation to dinner and an unbelievable proposal.

When Hydra moves in, When Hydra moves in, Brenda imagines late night lyric writing sessions at her kitchen table and quickly gets swept up in the glamour of being the rock and roll muse for songwriter and bassist Keith Kutter.  What she never imagined was the crowd of screaming fans on her front lawn, and her husband Tim leaving her and Hydra’s chaos.  Brenda must choose, can she be one man’s wife and another man’s muse? 

Beside the Music is an amped-up women's fiction novel that'll make you want to bang your head in a good way. If you like colorful characters, rock band exposes, and a lighthearted look at modern relationships, then you'll love BJ Knapp's tribute to old-school rock.

Buy Beside the Music to crank this fun-filled adventure all the way up to 11!

PublisherBJ Knapp
Release dateJun 28, 2016
Beside the Music
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