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King's Bounty: Pack Loren, #1

326 pages4 hours


                From the pages of the Dark Universe Anthology…
                The Alallafin is dead…
                Ziara is occupied…
                …and the known universe descends into chaos.
                Though crippled the last beat of the Old Regime’s heart may lie with their heir apparent, Khalid Cassad. The Coalition of Free Worlds must capture and convict the newly crowned emperor in order to establish their authority over the Known. Unable to capture him themselves they post the largest bounty in the history of mankind on his head. But the Cassads still control whole worlds and Khalid himself is in command of a battle fleet at the End of the Known.
                It’s an insane proposition; no one expects him to be captured alive.
                Enter Pack Loren.
                Branded a war criminal and blamed for the death of his world, the war veteran turned mercenary is no stranger to lean times and long odds. The bounty is a payday that he can’t pass up. Unlike most searching for Cassad, Pack’s resources are low and his friends are few. The hunt forces Pack to navigate the ever roiling waters of the Known, stretching from the far end of frontier space to the center of the fallen Dynasty itself. Pack will be tested more than ever just to keep him and his charge alive. Because whether you’re a fugitive emperor or a dead world’s outcast, when there’s a King’s Bounty to be had, the known universe is set against you…

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