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A Stiff in the Sauna

Length: 16 pages15 minutes


Allan Crown hated these cold rainy days. Even sitting in the car, he felt himself all wet. Although, the car windows were closed. He drove over to his friend George's house for some nice time in a hot sauna. He knew that George wouldn't be home for another hour, but George had given him his own key, and he decided to start the sauna before George came home. Allan went down to the lower level of this three story house. That's where the sauna was located. Allan went to check if everything he needed was in the sauna. When he opened the door, someone was sitting in there. A dead person with a knife sticking out of his chest. Allan called the police, and told them he found a dead person in his friends sauna. When the police came to do their crime investigation, George came home. Seeing all the police cars outside, and all the police inside his house. Allan explained that he had found a stiff in the sauna, and these boys are figuring out what this dead person was doing in your sauna. Looking at the stiff, George told the cops that this man was at the house several times during the buying process. When I bought this house. An undercover police man will come here tomorrow, and with you try to find out what this dead person was doing in your sauna.

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