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Ascension: The Alpha's Forbidden Mate

Length: 136 pages2 hours


Salome is a human with a problem, she’s graduating from high school and needs out of her small town before she suffocates. Rex is a young shifter wolf with a problem, he has to find his lifelong mate in the next two days or he’ll die. If they could meet, they could rescue each other. But Salome’s preacher step-father and Rex’s alpha mother will do anything to keep them apart.

Rex has a secret, though. He has loved Salome from afar since he was a pup. He’s willing to give up everything for her. And with the day of his ascension quickly approaching, he might have to make a choice between loving her and his life.

Could Rex and Salome end up falling in love and getting everything they ever wanted? Will their two communities destroy themselves trying to keep them apart? With Rex’s ascension just two days away, time for these star-crossed lovers is running out fast.

‘THE ALPHA'S FORBIDDEN MATE’ is the latest release from international bestselling author Alex Anders and is a new adult shifter romance featuring an innocent young woman and the alpha wolf who captures her heart.

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