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An Endless Fight

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Agent Bruce Williams had with his partner Alice Brown been put on the assignment to find and stop the Islamic Foundation, that was sending out suicide bombers in our city. Doctor Radh, together with Abdul Assam found several people willing to be living bombs. It started when this big electronic store had advertised it semi annual sale. This store had usually people waiting for hours before the store opened, at these sales. Today five minutes before opening time, the bomb exploded. Fifty-four people had died instantly, and several ambulances were taking seriously injured people to hospitals. Agent Bruce Williams were only a few hundred feet away, when the bomb went off. As the police arrived, police chief Smart recognized Bruce, and asked if he had seen something suspicious. Yeah, I did. That man entering the coffee shop across the street, pressed a gadget he held in his hand, as the explosion accrued. Several police officer with their guns drawn, entered the coffee shop. The man they were to arrest, smiled at them, said Allahu Akbar. Then the entire coffee shop exploded, and another thirteen people died. It took Bruce and Alice some time to get the Islamic Foundations address. And with the help of a attack helicopter from the air-force, the two buildings, including where the explosives was planted surgically into the suicide bombers, were totally destroyed. Now a small young boy, Abam Assam was together with his mothers friend George, ready to start the foundation again. However, this time without people with explosives implanted into themselves. This new duo, George and Allan, now with a new name, Allan, instead of Abam. Were ready to start some real bombing around the city. .

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