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Timeless and Pure: Christian Verse on the Light

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In the beginning, the One Who is Light created light. This light is our guide leading us to our goal, the Light Above. While we walk in the light, we are free from the dangers of doubt and despair that await us in darkness. Any path but that which leads to the Light Above is empty. Although, both as individuals and as a holy people, we go astray into darkness, the light of grace will reach us there and lead us home. Our home is a place where light endures, and darkness is dispelled, forevermore. Our choice in life lies between darkness and light. Let us choose the light so that love born in, inspired by, and due to the Light Above will prevail within us and, through us, in the world. These poems show to eyes open to it a glimpse of the light that can lead us safely through the world's darkness.

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