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Doublesight: Doublesight, #1

Length: 419 pages6 hours


"Lately fantasy rarely surprises and seldom delights, but Terry Persun's novel Doublesight does both and more. Richly textural, complicated in character, and presenting a world unlike any other, this debut imbues new blood into the genre. It is a stunning fantasy for the new millennium."--James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of the Sigma Force series

After the Doublesight Wars, dangerous and cruel shape shifters were killed off by the humans. To protect themselves, the other doublesight decided to hide their gifts and congregate into their own villages or clans, and avoid humans. Now new rumors, of violent and dangerous doublesight--gryphons, harpys, dragons--have again riled the humans. The twin granddaughters of the crow clan's sage, Zimp and Zora, are the last descendants of their powerful shapeshifting family and must help guide their clan. The reticent Zimp is relieved when her sister is chosen to take her grandmother's position instead of herself. When the clan is attacked, Zimp finds Zora murdered. Now Zimp is forced to take over her sisters responsibilities and lead the clan. The doublesight council assembles to assess the situation with the rumors and they decide to send a team to investigate. This team the council decides will be led by Zimp, and now Zimp must find a way to lead four strong and difficult men in order to help save her people. Struggling with her own shamanic visions and astute intuition, and trying to hold a stable position as leader, Zimp finds herself in the center of a changing world full of sorcery and must decide on her real place within it...

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