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Single & Stuck: Three Massive Mistakes Women Make In Their 30's (When Looking For Love)

Length: 102 pages1 hour


Are you in your 30’s and Still Single?

You do not have to be. You can still attract love into your life. He's out there and he is actually looking for you!

Your dream man is single, available and he wants to be in your life!

Get ready for this exciting new Upstart Success Coaching Guide from Michael Santonato, The Relationship Master himself and Farhan Jamal, the founder and publisher of

Single & Stuck:Three massive mistakes women make in their 30's when looking for love is the only guide that you will ever need to help you attract your soul mate. You will learn exactly how to find love so that you can break out of the single life!

There are no coincidences in life. You are viewing this page today, at this point in time (as opposed to yesterday or perhaps a month from now) for one very important reason:

The time is now... You are ready to attract your Soul Mate

It’s not fun being single & stuck and you deserve to have love in your life.

If you think that you have tried everything, think again... There is plenty of dating advice for women out there, but none really address the issues that you are currently dealing with. Your path to freedom will begin the moment you learn about the three mistakes covered in this book.

You are going to learn how to get from where you are now to the sort of life that you dream about; a life that is filled with love, fun, excitement and the man of your dreams.

You've made a few mistakes along the way, and fallen into plenty of traps, but now it’s time break free.

The answers that you've been looking for are finally here

There are plenty of relationship books out there, but none of them are like this. This book is an Upstart Success Coaching Guide so you will get plenty of exercises and hands-on work to do. Reading this book is like getting your very own personal coaching session from Michael Santonato himself!

You are going to get the best relationship advice and all your questions on how to find love will be answered...

Questions like:

Why are all the best men taken?

Why are all the single ones that you like always either unavailable, messed up or worse, commitment phobic?

Why is it so hard to get over the ex-boyfriend?

Where are all the great guys and how can you meet them?!?

Your girlfriends have all found their princes by now... Why is it so hard for you to find yours?

The good ones seem to be taken... Does that mean you will have to settle?

Why do men say they can’t commit and then end up with a girlfriend right after you break up?

Why can't you find a man with all the qualities you want? If only you could combine them all – then he would be perfect!

You want to find The One, but is it too late? What if your true soul mate has committed himself to another woman?

Has the dating pool really shrunk or are you just not looking in the right places?

Why aren't your law of attraction vision boards and love-life wish lists manifesting?

In this coaching guide, you will find out exactly why you are single and stuck.

Freedom is around the corner

Follow the relationship and dating advice in this book, do the exercises, and it will only be a matter of time before he shows up...

Are you ready?

Brace yourself...

Your love life is about to dramatically transform.

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