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Dave (A True Story)

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Dave (A True Story) refers to a most interesting experience Elizabeth and I incurred recently. It is a story of human kindness and generosity without restriction or condition that we received from a total stranger. That stranger was a first nation Piikani gentleman who works at the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump' near Fort MacLeod, Southern Alberta, Canada. His name is Dave and lives on the Piikani reservation next to the UNESCO site. This site is part of their heritage and operated by them. The Piikani are a band of the Blackfoot Nation who fled to safety in British southern Alberta to escape slaughter, corruption, theft of their land, and the systematic destruction of the buffalo, (their food supply), during the American expansion through the northern plains during the mid-to-late 1800's.

This is our first contact with the Piikani band. We have little knowledge of their life on the reservation, their customs or their beliefs. Now we intend to know more. Our experiences with them in Lethbridge have been to witness the few who have fallen into personal addictions. By total contrast the people on the reservation are honourable, caring, forthright, and true to their traditions.

We feel this story will move people to crave the knowledge of the conflicts, upheavals and tragedies of their history - and the honesty, spirituality and most fascinating lifestyle they have upheld for thousands of years. The story of the UNESCO site, their history and lifestyle, the support and sanctuary they received in British Canada, together with our experience with Dave may be of interest to you.

We truly believe this simple story of total kindness and adventure will aid in a small way to counter the upheaval and bitter hatred existing internationally.

Daniel Nyberg

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