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Witches Snared

Length: 257 pages3 hours


Raj and Dan are again summoned by the Dream Cane to a strange new realm. Danger awaits as evil witches grow in power casting spells that will plunge this world into a shroud of evil and eternal darkness. A collection of Elfen creatures, a brave crusader knight, and gifted monks are asked to combine forces with the forest animals in an unlikely alliance to save their world. A fascinating read that spans time and worldly realms culminating in an epic battle that unites the forest’s inhabitants against the most powerful and evil force they have ever encountered. An intelligent read that teases the reader with the concepts of trust, loyalty, betrayal, and of course love. Witches Snared will trap you deep within the adventure, leaving you eager to see where it ends and where the Dream Cane will lead you next.

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