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The Prized Possession (TG Female Possession Erotica)

Length: 22 pages20 minutes


In the distant future, the world we once knew has been destroyed. What remains are just a few small cities, yet they are filled with crime and corruption. After losing my job, I'm forced out into the destroyed remains of the old world to scavenge for anything of value. My friend tells me about a sealed up facility not too far from the edge of the city. He told the secret way in. If this place is as he says it is, I should make a sizeable profit from what remains in there... maybe... if I can even make it there alive. Who knows what's held up in the old fortress. Maybe more than what I bargained for.


Story by Nikki L. Falcon

Themes in this book include: gender transformation / TG / transgender changes / gender swap, sci-fi, and TG sexy body possession.

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