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Court In The Streets

Length: 231 pages3 hours


The Yard is part two of the heart throb thriller Court in the Streets, that goes from the streets of Durham, North Carolina, to behind the vicious walls of Coleman Federal Penitentiary. The exact prison where Walter's forty years of experience in the game could have never prepared him for the multiple life sentences he was sentenced to for his affiliation with Jason Parker.... Now the nine figure Jamaican boss must fend for himself against jealous inmates, correctional officers, and family..... The elusive, ill-tempered Jason Parker, still hasn't gotten over the fact that Tony is dead, and his mentor is in prison for the rest of his life. And now that he's on the F.B.I's Top Ten Most Wanted list, you would think that he's somewhere enjoying what life that he has left. But Mr. Attitude himself, is ordering more hits than Don Corleone, and prepping his six year old twin boys for war...... Mez, a small time hustler that's driven by love, discovers the streets don't love anybody when he finds himself a fellow inmate of Walter's. When Walter takes him under his wing and exposed him to his world, Mez finds out first-hand what it feels like to be on somebody's list....

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