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Immortal Warrior

Length: 541 pages16 hours


When headstrong cat burglar Maggie Shaw attempts to make a steal of a lifetime, she encounters a man she cannot explain how is still alive. He is frustrating, stubborn, mystifying, and irresistible at every turn. Even though it is crucial to stay unattached and keep her life a secret from him, he begins to break down her walls little by little, making her glimpse a future where he would always be by her side.

Gideon Sinclair is a Scottish warrior through and through. He was created by the all-powerful Guardians. Once he falls upon the determined, little thief, he gets pulled into her world of treachery, love, death, and heartache.

Enter Eric Wellington, Maggie’s so-called-boss. His psychotic behavior and endless wealth keep a hold on Maggie. Why won’t she leave the monster of a man? What power does he have over her? These are questions Gideon is desperately trying to answer as he falls deeper in love with Maggie.

Will all his training and experience be enough to save his soulmate against a man like Eric? Or is Gideon destined to be alone forever?

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