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The Stranger

Length: 243 pages3 hours


It is the 2107th year under the rule of the Imperial Padi Dynasty. The trade ship, Gypsy is sent beyond the boundaries of the Human Empire of Eden, but it’s pilot, Samir Tahan learns that this is far more than the average delivery run. . .
Samir finds himself stuck with the primitive and mysterious people of the Casi village with nearly no chance of returning home. After learning about a bizarre phenomenon that the villagers call, the Choosing, Samir understands that he is the only one who truly understands what the Choosing is. It becomes up to him to put an end to it, once and for all.
Laern is the twenty-two-year-old leader of a determined band of pirates. Once he is contracted by Andrew Hoeffman, infamous CEO of the Angelica Corporation, Laern becomes caught in a corporate plot that steers him towards his ambitious dream. But that same plot threatens his life, drags him into the Choosing, and carries him towards his calamitous encounter with the stranger.

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