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Me & My Girls

Length: 347 pages9 hours


Tish, Rayon and Tasheena are about to show the world what friendship really means. Each living their own separate lives, they stumbled upon obstacles that would define who they are later in life... Tish- A high school mother learned early about responsibility by having a child by a small time drug dealer who later became a "King Pin" and victim of a quarrel... Rayon- One of Tish's best friend from the suburbs is more of a follower than anything else. She got caught up in a pregnancy and found comfort in her two best friends Tish and Tasheena who were from the projects... Tasheena- Is the direct opposite of the both of them... She was a woman scorned early by the love of her life who abandoned her for a heroin addiction. Unable to deal with the loneliness that overcame her, she sought out comfort from any and every man she could, only digging herself into a deeper depression. Until she discovered Allah (God).

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