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The Hunger

Length: 341 pages5 hours


Kenyon James Marshall works hard for everything he ever wanted and after he is faced with the betrayal of his girlfriend Missy he has to start over. Going on aimlessly he meets an intoxicating older woman wich changes his life forever. Evelyn Cabrera has been loyal to her husband. Even after his constant disrespect & cheating she always took him back. Kenyon's words & friendship changes her outlook on life & after her husband's last blatant indiscretion she learns to let him go. As time passes Kenyon and Evelyn embark on a torrid, passionate & lust filled sexual affair. But as they reach deep within themselves each seeking what will bring them peace. Outside forces and circumstances slowly tear them apart. Will they let society, friends and family come between them. Can they conquer their fears & love again before it's too late?

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