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God's Calling...It's For You!

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We are on the brink of the glorious second coming of Jesus who will soon return as king to rule over the whole earth. And He will judge all those who did not accept the salvation He gave to them through His shed blood, and all those people will be sent into outer darkness, cursed by the sin within them. Since the day of Pentecost, God has been working through Christians to call the lost to repentance, and now the time is almost run out and Judgment Day is just around the corner. And the devil knows it!

This book is filled with short messages that reveal the many ways God is calling people—and the many ways the enemy is corrupting the Gospel of Jesus through false doctrines to keep them from hearing His voice. It shows how deception is moving in every aspect of life to kill, steal and destroy even the elect if possible.

The purpose of this book is to bring to light all the little things that people have been taught to believe through deception that are not biblical; to stir up their curiosity so they will dig into the Bible themselves and learn the truth so they can know God and follow Jesus into the eternal life that He has provided for those who love Him. God is faithful; His word is true; and His love for us will never fail when we make Him alone our God!

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