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The Two Wills of God Made Easy

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This book is taken from McMahon's larger work: The Two Wills of God: Does God Really Have Two Wills, (a Ph.D. dissertation). In this newly revised concise form, he has updated key parts to this vital work, and removed extraneous portions in order to explain and study the will of God. What biblical doctrine is more important than knowing what God’s will is for our lives? If the Christian’s doctrine of God is wrong, how can he be sure to have anything else right? This study deals with questions like: Does God desire the salvation of all men, or some men? If the wicked perish, and God desires their salvation, is God’s will frustrated when the sinner goes his own way? Why is God seen as sovereign in one part of Scripture, but seen as “repenting,” and even “changing His mind” in another? Is there such a thing as “common grace?” Does God desire things He does not decree, and decree things He does not desire? These questions are a matter of great theological importance and responsible hermeneutics.

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