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Enslaving Sarah

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Sarah Conway has just hit thirty—and she’s ready for some fun! Adventurous and naughty, this young woman is desperate to experience the worst of humanity’s depraved pleasures. After answering a mysterious and steamy proposition for depraved sex, Sarah Conway might get the sensations she’s always craved. But, how far will she go to keep her new Lord and Lady’s wanton interest?


Sarah could perceive a man with short golden blond hair and erotically beautiful. He was tall; the color of his black eyes was unusually charming. He could have been a sculpture directly coming from some British museum. The man was examining her through the lighted place. His face was beautiful like china. Almost without thinking, she rested her eyes down between his legs, wondering what his cock would be like and came back to the attractive features of his face. It all excited her. She suddenly harbored the desire to be taken by this strange man.

“This is Sarah,” Lady Boleyn said, breaking the silence.

“Very pleased to meet you, Sarah,” he said, shaking her hand.

“It seemed that Sarah and us, are sharing certain interests.” The countess said.

“That’s good,” Sterling said.

“You didn’t break the rules this time. You have taste, she’s very attractive.

“I was sure you liked her.”

“Did you have a master before?” Sterling insisted, turning to Sarah.

“No, Sir.”

“I think she need to learn a lot more.”

Sarah’s desire to make love had been increasing. She wanted to feel this beautiful man into her. It all enhanced her excitement, but it was out of question to make the first move. She was there to obey and nothing else.

“Take off your clothes,” Sterling ordered.

Sarah started to undress before both of them. She took everything off but her thigh high boots.

“Kiss her” Sterling said to the countess.

The countess approached Sarah and took her into her arms, kissing her on the mouth, and mingling her tongue with hers. Sarah felt a surge of pleasure, she sucked the woman tongue into her mouth and swallowed all the saliva. The countess kept kissing as her hands caressed Sarah’s back. Sterling was now laid on the bed, rubbing his erect cock. The countess took a blindfold and attached it around Sarah’s eyes, plunging her eyes into the dark.

“Is it necessary?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, it is.”

Then, she took her two wrists and bounded them behind her back.

“She is ready for you,” my lord.

“Lead her over here, I want her to suck me.”

The countess pushed Sarah to where Sterling was lying and ordered the young woman to suck him.

Blindfolded, Sarah parted her red lips and allowed Sterling glans to slip into her hot open mouth. Sarah was driven by her own lust. She had what she wanted, his sex organ between her lips. She licked and sucked like she never did before. Sterling gasped as his cock butted against the back of her throat.

“Suck it bitch,” he said.

“You’re big enough to impale her now,” my sir.

The countess raised Sarah head to hers and kissed her, sucking and feeling the scent of Sterling. The countess’ hand came around Sarah’s breast, and cupped the whole flesh, her fingers plucking at her large nipples. Sterling stripped off his trousers while the countess Boleyn placed Sarah in a spooning position, ready to receive her master. What could be more perfect than to have a man’s phallus, hot and big, ready to piston into her, Sarah thought.

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