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Couple Fix will teach you how to strengthen a struggling relationship. This step-by-step guide will walk you through all you need to know about how to implement the most convenient and suitable strategy. It is a short and organized read which gives you an immense range of information designed to be your best guide trough your relationship cycle.

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Couple Fix - Y- Photography

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Chapter 1. Introduction

Since you are holding this book most likely, you are in a relationship. Definitely not an easy ride. Are you going through difficult times? Would you like to repair your relationship and make it as healthy as possible? There's usually more going on between partners than meets the eye and even the happiest looking couple may still be facing conflicts. This book is designed to help you understand the processes and obstacles a relationship goes through.

Fixing a relationship is a cooperative act. There are different strategies and tactics which could be used, but it generally looks like a dialogue - every decision you make has a consequence following it. If you learn to identify the psychology and motivation behind the actions of your partner, even your worst moments won’t be such an unpleasant experience. I will go even further by analyzing the phases and events significant to the couple. Foreseeing the most likely scenario outcomes will give you the option to change the odds in your favor and hopefully go down a different path. There are many foreseeable events which allow you to plan ahead. For instance, desiring other people always has its origins. For most couples cheating is just a reaction, a direct (or indirect) result of a major issue causing it. Just like my first book, the information below is based on independent research across some of the world’s largest cities among heterosexual women and men between the ages of 18 and 65.

Any attempt at resolving a relationship problem resolution is a complex and dynamic process that is not always successful. Some couples are not monolithic and the disagreements they encounter might not reach settlement. The process of fixing a relationship is very similar to a medical treatment, you need to find the cause of illness by tracking the symptoms, in that you first need to eliminate it and recover the patient. In this book, I will focus more on causality and correlation between the processes of the couple development. The calculations you will be shown are reduced to a minimum and will be related exclusively to only one of the major issues that may occur, in case someone’s partner is deemed not good enough. As far as the rest of the couple’s problems, you will learn how to implement different strategies, in order to fix them by different means, as per your personal objectives and limitations. So pay attention and help me help you. Let’s move on!

Chapter 2. Mechanics of a relationship

Obviously, during the development process, every relationship goes through different phases. Each stage