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No Direction Home (The Drifter Chronicles: Volume One)

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We begin on the first day of sixth grade in the upper-class community of Roslyn. I was the biggest loser in school and struggled to stay afloat. Then one day everything changed. It was in the eighth grade when I went from being the biggest embarrassment on Long Island to the most popular kid in school. But by that time it was already too late. So began a dark trail of revenge. It was May 4th of 1999 and I was fourteen-years-old.

After being shipped across many state lines, touring America's finest juvenile institutions, I find myself at the infamous and notorious Hidden Lake Academy, an academy tucked quietly in the darkness of the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia. But before being shut down in June of 2011 for 'the tragic maltreatment of troubled youth', Hidden Lake Academy was still a thriving success with seemingly no way out. But I had to escape the danger, I had to unshackle my feet, and thus my journey to freedom began...

But after a major catastrophe, I end up in New England, alone, on the run, homeless, sleeping in abandoned attics filled with counterfeit money, prostitutes and danger. I had nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep, and no money to eat. I was sixteen-years-old, it was a month before 9/11 and it was the greatest time of my life.

Welcome to The Drifter Chronicles, Volume One.

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