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The Kingdom the Power and the Hope of Glory

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Today’s move of God is not new theology, but it is a fresh experience of the same theological truths that have existed for two thousand years. Jesus warns against trying to fit what God is doing today into the exact same form of what He did in the past. The Kingdom, the Power, and the Hope of Glory contends the average Christian has the responsibility and empowerment to reflect the light of God’s glory to a world desperate for answers. God does speak to us today, within the confines of His inspired Word. Scripture is the only absolute authority, and the benchmark against which any leading of the Holy Spirit must be judged. God’s dealing with man changes over time, but His character, righteousness, and truth never change.

Believers are called to occupy until He comes. Several of Jesus’ parables illustrate the themes He taught regarding the activity of His church during His absence. The Kingdom, the Power and the Hope of Glory is not a theoretical book; it is a practical call to action. It encourages believers to see unity of the body as an essential piece to where the Holy Spirit wants to take His church. What God wants to do now is not have a few great evangelists each reaching millions, but rather millions of evangelists, each reaching a few as they live their daily lives. This book encourages believers to establish His kingdom on earth by using their delegated authority to access His power and bring Him glory.

It is a timely reminder that Christ in you is the hope of glory.

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