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Demigods and Man

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From planet Saturn, deities have discovered planet Earth. On it, they stumble upon the spirit of existential; the soul, concealed inside the humans. The soul is sought after by the deities to enable them complete the hierarchy of godhood. Seven demigod-spirits are sent to invade Earth to hunt for the souls, reincarnating into humans at different times and places. They finally assemble together in Albania, and proceed north for a sacred conclave, led by their leader; Gavin Percy.

Senator Hudson, the American presidential nominee, is hijacked and his head-skin is hauled off onto Joseph Ashley’s skull, who is himself a demigod, to inherit the America presidency so as to hasten the process. Coincidently, as this was developing, the world had unified in five unions. After the end of rule of Man, human soul harvesting starts in earnest, wreaking havoc on human civilization.

Father Halleluiah spearheads the liberation of mankind, appearing in Washington D.C where he is first confronted by the Earthly zombies who open the gate of paranormal warfare between him and the demigods. We are not alone, they are already here dominating us.

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