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The Winning of Olwen

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An Arthurian romance comes to life in a modern city...A man seeks love in the legend of an ancient ash tree...A woman wonders if she is worthy of the deep love of her husband and children.

Legend claimed King Arthur himself helped the hero Culhwch meet the demands of the giant Ysbadadden so as to win the hand of his beloved Olwen. Cully Logan knows the old story all too well, burdened as he is with the modernized name Culwich. But he is surprised and enchanted when he meet an ethereal young woman named Olwen walking in the small city graveyard where he’s having a take-out lunch, after being let go from his corporate job. Before he can react, she slips away into the crowded streets. They are brought together again by chance during the sale of an old painting. "Perhaps we were destined to meet, like our namesakes," Olwen tells him, and laughs. What happens next changes his life forever.

"Yggdrasil was a very ancient ash tree and according to legend it was the tree of the Universe. It is said that all ash trees are its children and a source of rebirth and healing." So George Symons learns from Juliana when he comes to her home to help her father puzzle out a bad investment in Belize. The house is a sprawling, somewhat isolated place near the sea. Juliana is enchanting, and he feels he has gone under her spell. She takes him to a massive ash tree and bids him sit under it with her, and tells him of its legend. She becomes his reason for living, and when she becomes ill, he is afraid he might have nothing more to live for. Until he understands the gift she has for him.

For Jen Wakefield each day is an unknown. The slow, gentle hours of keeping house and the planting of seeds, the deep emotional connection with her husband, and the walks on the dunes with her children Maggie and Sam are what she loves. Is she going to lose it all?

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